(Видео) Public Nemesis Media: Водич на антибугарската пропаганда во Југославија

“A Guide to Yugoslavia’s Anti-Bulgarian Propaganda” is a documentary about the bulgarophobic sentiment of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and it’s effects on the Macedono-Bulgarian relations. Despite the title of the video, this documentary also talks about the origins of the anti-Bulgarian sentiment, the separation of the Macedonian nation from the Bulgarian nation, the development of the Macedonian identity and historiography etc.

Just like every other video and the channel, this documentary is NOT monetized and therefor i don’t make any profits out of this upload. Also, the recordings of me speaking were recorded in more than one sitting, which is why my voice sounds a little different in different parts of the video. I would like to thank every channel member for the support, their names are shown at the end of the documentary.

I would also like to thank the people behind strumski.com, Arhiva Makedonija, Samuel’s Fortress and Плиска for having great material that were used for this video. If you want, you can share parts of this documentary on your social media, you can download it and put subtitles yourself or you can simply link this video wherever you want. The more people hear this story, the better. Finally, for people who are going to say “This is biased in Bulgaria’s favor”, well, of course it is, you only heard “Bulgaria bad” narratives, even if you lived outside of Macedonia. It’s time to hear the other side of the story. I apologize for keeping you waiting for a new video. I hope the month and a half wait for this documentary was worth it.

God bless!


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